Spark [noun]

Definition of Spark:

flash, trace

Synonyms of Spark:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spark:

Sentence/Example of Spark:

Dry and worm-eaten, a spark upon them became a smoulder, and a smoulder a blaze.

When he heard the drums he flared up like a spark in the tinder.

Every spark of human feeling had evidently been stifled in him.

The dark eyes of Antoun lit with a spark of surprise and laughter.

This was his work, the spark he had kindled was being fanned into a steady blaze.

A spark of magnanimity might awake in his soul—and then all would have been settled for the best.

But adulation, flunkeyism, concert, covered the spark with dirt and mud.

There was no spark visible of the fire which had flashed earlier in the day.

There is a spark of intelligence in his eyes, and an alien affectation in his speech.

Just a spark, otherwise we shall go into a melancholy decline.