Fire [noun]

Definition of Fire:


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Sentence/Example of Fire:

The Honeywell Safe line makes a variety of fire and waterproof lockable storage cabinets, each one made to stand extreme conditions.

The tragic 2018 mudslide in Montecito, California is just one example of a post-fire flood.

The strong winds and low humidity will continue to feed the fires, particularly in the northeast part of the blaze.

In an overnight filing, Apple said “Epic started a fire, and poured gasoline on it, and now asks this court for emergency assistance in putting it out.”

Make a fireThough it’s engineered to reduce exterior friction, paracord can still make a suitable bow string for the bow and drill fire-starting method.

To top it off, smoke from the fires on the west coast is drifting out east and is likely to get wrapped up in Paulette.

Given that a new study projects a 20% increase in extreme-fire-weather days by 2035, such practices suggest a special form of climate negligence.

It’s not that I’m scared about getting fired, it’s just that I want to keep showing you just how good I am.

Things will likely get worse—or at least stay just as bad—and it will probably require continuous, expensive, year-round management to beat back future fire seasons like this.

Living in fire country, you always keep the valuable papers and family memorabilia together and organized, just in case.