Flames [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Flames:

You would not think it too much to set the whole province in flames so that you could have your way with this wretched child.

At length only four or five flames remained, feebly wavering in their pools of melted wax.

The entire city was burnt down, and upwards of 200,000 of the inhabitants perished in the flames.

Moodily he stood there, one hand on the high mantel shelf, one foot upon an andiron, his eyes upon the flames.

Let blue flames rise from the living sulphur and the sheep bleat loud as she feels the touch of the smoking sulphur.

Servetus was roasted for two hours in the flames of a slow fire made of green wood.

Sometimes they stopped, when high flames, fed with holy perfumed paper, flickered upwards to the sky.

Not only was Mr. Osborne's house in flames, but his barn and outbuildings, as well as stacks of grain.

The wrath of God, the flames of hell, and the never-ending sufferings of the damned were depicted in clear and terrible language.

Divine odours breathe from the body, which shines like gold amid the flames that refuse to kindle upon it.