Conflagration [noun]

Definition of Conflagration:

large fire

Synonyms of Conflagration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conflagration:


Sentence/Example of Conflagration:

It also risks becoming a regional conflagration, potentially drawing in neighboring Eritrea.

But at that insult Garnache's brain seemed to take fire, and his cautious resolutions were reduced to ashes by the conflagration.

In the Brazils a conflagration of this kind never extends very far, as the vegetation is too green and offers too much opposition.

The last fang belonging to chimney-pot Liz had perished in that great conflagration!

The conflagration of Rome, attributed by Nero to the Christians, which was the ostensible cause of the first persecution.

A large number of warehouses, also, many of which were filled with wine and spirits, shared in the conflagration.

From the situation of the coal-stratum he could draw the conclusion that the conflagration must spread to Bondathal.

This devastation, slow and silent as the tomb, was even more terrible than the brilliant ravages of a conflagration.

Whether the conflagration should spread beyond Servia depended on Austria and Russia's attitude.

Those who saw the Winter Palace before the fire recall the mass of wealth devoured by the conflagration.