Inferno [noun]

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The box immediately melts into flames, leaving the body defenseless against the inferno.

The infernos come on the heels of several of the most destructive and deadly fire seasons in California history.

Those fire-fueled thunderstorms launched between 300,000 and 900,000 metric tons of smoke into the stratosphere, which was more than any seen from a previous inferno.

Coronado inwardly cursed himself for venturing into this inferno, the haunting place of devils in human shape.

It was such an abyss as no artist has ever hinted, excepting Doré in his picturings of Dante's "Inferno."

Under the steam cloud was an inferno, but it was only occasionally visible as the wind tore rents in the vapor.

It seems hardly necessary to refer the reader to Dante, Inferno, xxxiii.

Thus to recall the witches' cauldron and the fires of the Inferno had an unfailing success as a stimulant to eloquence.

I am like some frantic baker in the inferno kneading a batch of iron bread for the devil's breakfast.

When youve gone through that, I said, frowning at the starting memories of that inferno, it takes it out of you.