Bonfire [noun]

Definition of Bonfire:

large prepared fire

Synonyms of Bonfire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bonfire:


Sentence/Example of Bonfire:

Patrick had brought an axe and, with the help of some of the boys, soon had a big bonfire burning on the edge of the pond.

We feel just a little hurt that the police have not prohibited our village bonfire.

A jolly bonfire they made, too, and as the flames went up the people cheered lustily.

Upon the summit of the great keep a huge bonfire had sprung up, and the tall flames leaped toward the inky heavens.

They will make a bonfire of the houses of those bourgeois and artisans fit to roast Beelzebub!

A garden bonfire used to drive him wild with delight, and snatching brands from the fire, indoors or out, was a delirious joy.

In spite of the snow that evening we had a cheery bonfire of juniper, willow and rhododendron.

We was to go up to the hill to see them building the bonfire.

It's grown out of Mary's keeping one or two women from going the primrose path to the everlasting bonfire.

"Only making a bonfire of a foul nest," lightly answered the minstrel, standing back as though to admire his handiwork.