Burning [adjective]

Definition of Burning:

blazing, flashing

Synonyms of Burning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Burning:

Sentence/Example of Burning:

The state passed a few new laws in 2018 designed to facilitate more intentional burning.

After settlers forcibly removed Indigenous people from the land, their cultural burning practices were eventually replaced by policies of full-on fire suppression.

Each year, the burning of fossil fuels emits about 100 times more carbon dioxide than volcanoes emit — too much too fast for oceans and weathering to neutralize it, which is why our climate is warming and our oceans are acidifying.

The burning keeps trees from growing — and also burns up old plants, returning their nutrients to the soil, too.

Most people know that the burning of fossil fuels spews a lot of this gas.

Its backbone should be the study of biology and its substance should be the threshing out of the burning questions of our day.

Immediately Messa went up the stairs, and safely reached a large room where two candles were burning on a buffet.

A lurid spot on each cheek showed burning red through the bronze of his skin.

From early morn to early morn again, the hot winds continued, and the air was surcharged with the smell of burning plants.

A burning controversy between the Averroists and the orthodox schoolmen.