Blistering [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Blistering:

The west tide was going, and a long stretch was made across Spithead, 'Britannia' giving her rival a blistering for a time.

Well, then, if it must be so, he must and will; any thing rather than this hot and blistering sand.

"Because I eminently prefer my matrimonial frying-pan to the blistering coals of the illicit," she said coolly.

It is chiefly used in preparing blistering ointments and plasters.

To avoid that calamity, he would have endured worse evils than the blistering rock.

He still cannot wear jacket or trousers, as the blistering still continues on his chest.

How may a single crust that is to be baked before it is filled be kept from blistering?

Each gasping breath was an agony as the blistering gas dug deeper and deeper into his lungs.

They dashed forward towards it, their eyes half blinded, their lungs choking, and their skin blistering.

For one moment he stood over her in his ungovernable rage, and scalding and blistering words poured out of him in a torrent.