Torrid [adjective]

Definition of Torrid:

very hot

Synonyms of Torrid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Torrid:









Sentence/Example of Torrid:

But in the height of summer the heat is torrid on the Roof of France.

Bitter indeed must be the wintry blast, torrid the rays of summer here.

Then it entered into a zone of torrid light which the sun threw on the waves.

We have valleys and we have mountains; we have torrid and we have temperate zones.

It seemed as if the torrid days of late summer were harder to bear than July had been.

That region is called the Torrid Zone because “torrid” means “hot.”

The temperature must be kept as warm there as in the Torrid Zone.

There are some cities in the Torrid Zone, but none of them are very large.

Day after day dragged through the hours, and Florence grew thinned and torrid.

We stand upon a torrid strand, yet gaze upon an icy mountain.