Stifling [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Stifling:

It was a low room, and though not many were present, the air was stifling.

The hot, searching, stifling African day took possession of the world.

"I am stifling," said the dying man, rolling round his ghastly eyes.

The atmosphere was stifling as a night in the rains by reason of the steam and the crowd.

He raised his arms to heaven, he was stifling with envy and vexation.

Pierre, who was stifling, was glad indeed to leave the dining-room.

He was stifling, and threw the large window of the room wide open.

He was stifling; his heart was beating as though it would burst.

Round about in the stifling thicket a score of men were doing so.

He killed it by pressing his knee on its breast and stifling its heart beats.