Unfriendly [adjective]

Definition of Unfriendly:

nasty, hostile

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfriendly:

Sentence/Example of Unfriendly:

It was not unfriendly; it was, indeed, consistently respectful, almost reverential.

Sometimes it is conferred by an unfriendly and inconsiderate hand.

Mulready started and fixed him with a troubled and unfriendly stare.

It must come to a friendly agreement, or an unfriendly crash.

Wisdom will never let us stand with any man or men on an unfriendly footing.

If her reception of him was not expressedly friendly, neither was it unfriendly.

It suited his temperament, which was austere but not unfriendly.

His tone was not unfriendly, yet it was of dignified finality.

But all the same “jailer” was a funny name to give a man; unkind, unfriendly, nasty.

He was gruff, as became his racial superiority, but not unfriendly.