Alien [adjective]

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For one thing, “computer proofs may not be as alien as we think,” DeDeo said.

Astrobiologists now consider it one of the most likely places to search for alien life in the solar system.

“We basically pretend we’re alien observers looking at our planet,” says Giada Arney, a planetary scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

If the aliens ever show up at Earth they won’t ask to be taken to our leader, they’ll ask for a cheek swab and a consent form.

In interplanetary texts, humans of all nations, races, and genders have to come together as one people in the face of alien invasions.

It’s part of the reason NASA built and launched a new rover that launched last week to look for signs of ancient aliens.

In fact, limits to civilization lifetimes may explain why extraterrestrial aliens have not yet communicated with Earthlings.

If alien biology makes it over some hurdles, its development is indeed likely to favor patterns of increasing diversity and maximum complexity.

“This is a very in-your-face demonstration that if Earth life can exist under hydrogen-atmosphere conditions, then certainly alien life should be able to,” says Koll.

So if you’re an American citizen and all of your friends and family and others are Americans, you might not notice the effect that the president can have on aliens, whether they’re here lawfully or not.