Usual [adjective]

Definition of Usual:

common, typical

Opposite/Antonyms of Usual:

Sentence/Example of Usual:

On this day, however, Philothea's mind was less serene than usual.

Anaxagoras retained his usual bland expression and meek dignity.

There was another debate over Spring, who had followed his master as usual.

"Count me in, please," said Blanche, in her usual vein of frankness.

As usual, balm was on his lips, and I found encouragement and support.

Hannah has just now brought me from the usual place your favour of yesterday.

The usual working force of the House of Lords is from thirty to forty members.

It was undoubtedly a facer; but Scottie came back in his usual calm manner.

It was not in Vavasor's usual taste: he had forgotten his best manners.

One night she appeared in Hester's room as usual before going to bed.