Prevalent [adjective]

Definition of Prevalent:

accepted, widespread

Opposite/Antonyms of Prevalent:

Sentence/Example of Prevalent:

To assuage remorse, she sought to give evidence as to a prevalent sympathy.

By what means has it become so prevalent among our modern metaphysicians?

The days of prevalent cigar-smoking and tobacco-chewing had not come.

The power of Nationalities and Acts of Parliament is also a prevalent superstition.

Will the good soul be that in which disorder is prevalent, or that in which there is harmony and order?

So you think I've been a bit too prevalent in your niece's neighborhood, do you?

The climate is tropical, and malaria, with its fever and ague, is prevalent.

Horse-stealing seems to be as prevalent in England as in this country.

After all was over, the prevalent opinion was that not one of them had missed.

That on the shutters of the Perot-Morris house is the most prevalent pattern.