Faddy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Faddy:

We confess that we may be faddy in these things, but when sleeping we prefer the horizontal position.

As for your appetite, you must try not to get faddy; it's a woman's duty to keep up her strength, you know.

It is curious that almost as soon as book-collecting became at all general, the 'faddy' man came into existence.

Yet I'm sure he was just as earnest as any of these new faddy people.

You'll get me into trouble, you see, if you're so faddy about choosing.

I intended to tell Mrs Moxon that he was faddy about his early-morning tea.

No; Parlyment's a played-out fraud, flabby and footy, flat and faddy.

Ken, we mustn't give further countenance to this silly, faddy place.

Drivel; faddy drivel, but the girl's a lady, or whatever that word stands for.

He is romantic and faddy—he gets it from you, I fancy—and he wants a certain sort of wife to take care of him.