Hip [adjective]

Definition of Hip:

fashionable, stylish

Synonyms of Hip:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hip:

Sentence/Example of Hip:

Lo-Fi Player, designed by Vibert Thio, a technologist and artist who interned with the team this summer, lets users interact with objects in a virtual room to mix their own lo-fi hip-hop soundtracks.

In fact, Pop Smoke is just the fourth hip-hop musician to chart a No.

Her bawdy and rough-hewn yet lyrical take on life fit perfectly with hip-hop’s very similar zeitgeist.

Sergey and I stared for a second at the receiver and its regular, confident beeps, then locked eyes and flew out the door in a tumult of down jackets, hip waders, and uninhibited urgency.

Some ways to start getting your pets back into the swing of things is by “vaccinating” them to being attached to your hip, says Katherine Houpt, an animal behavior expert and veterinarian at Cornell.

Brogdon, in addition to being cleared of the virus, says the hip injury he suffered in March has healed.

Dunsworth explained that there’s no evidence that hip width affects reproductive success.

The long axis of the hip-roof crystal is often so shortened that it resembles the envelop crystal of calcium oxalate.

Madame stood hand on hip, the flush fading slowly, her glance resuming its habitual lazy insolence.

Ward picked up a flask of corn whiskey and slipped it into his hip pocket.