Chichi [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Chichi:

The people eat dead pigs, and drink a white, thick fluid called chichi, which they squeeze out of the body of a large animal.

Chichi was only a girl now, but later on she would thank her for having collected all these gems for her.

Rene, his only son, had succeeded in awakening in Chichi a certain interest that was almost love.

With Chichi beside her, she greeted those she knew, congratulating the bride and groom.

He and his sister Chichi had from childhood felt an instinctive hostility toward the cousins from Berlin.

Through association of ideas, the women assaulted by the soldiery, made him think of Chichi and the dear Dona Luisa.

And yet, at the same time, Chichi was thinking enviously of her friends whose lovers and brothers were officers.

And Chichi with the derisive ha-ha's of an insolent girl, drowned out the triumphant communications of the aunt from Berlin.

He smiled before the bewitchingly mischievous face of Mademoiselle Chichi.

Chichi also wished to return because Rene was now filling the greater part of her thoughts.