Contemporary [adjective]

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Brokerages get paid for their customers’ orders from market makers—contemporary versions of what Madoff’s trading company was.

If Robins had been a contemporary of Peter Gethers, he might have been a candidate for the Rotisserie League.

In contemporary times, researchers have sought to understand the ways in which rituals bind people together.

Price does not contain all relevant information for many shoppers in a contemporary supermarket.

Which is why Haile’s contemporaries have been mostly forgiving about Scroll, the ad-free subscription service he teased for three years before finally launching widely six months ago.

They are intentionally difficult to miss, interwoven in the fabric of game presentation and the contemporary fan experience.

Established in 1967, it’s one of the world’s largest venues for contemporary art.

It is clear that … very long lifetimes are needed for … the galaxy to contain even a few possible active contemporary civilizations.

He was contemporary with Milton, and preferred before him by critics of the day, but has now sunk into oblivion.

But while the older schools of art delighted him, he followed with no less attention the movement of contemporary painting.