Instant [adjective]

Definition of Instant:

immediate, urgent

Synonyms of Instant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Instant:

Sentence/Example of Instant:

Brady and some Buccaneers players signaled touchdown, and Arians tried an instant-replay challenge that failed.

Stuffed with responsibly sourced 650-fill down, it’s super cozy and provides instant warmth when it’s five degrees on the side of a mountain.

They will also increasingly expect relevant experiences to modulate in real-time, with consumers receiving almost instant gratification for their data sharing.

They can get instant answers and know precisely what their students understood and what they did not understand.

When the NCAA started using a 3-point line in the 1986-87 season, it was an instant hit.

So far I’ve worn them under rain pants for mushing and as general around-home cozy pants, and for both purposes, they’re the best I’ve ever tried, an instant layer of pure goodness against your skin.

They have offered well-focused snapshots showing the impact of the disease at given instants in myriad settings, and suggested how those situations might change going forward.

With a range of features, these devices are relatively easy to use and install—and make an instant difference in your home.

United has roster needs on the back line and front line, but because the draft is not the primary vehicle for acquiring instant-impact players, the club could go in any direction.

The lack of widespread E2E encryption is meant to allow users instant access to backups, no matter when they joined a channel or group chat, or what device they’re using, Telegram says.