Existent [adjective]

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On the other hand, if there is no God, believing in him anyway will cost you very little, and not believing in him will mean nothing in the non-existent after life.

Voice search was virtually non-existent just five years ago.

It means that many of the terms and topics we’re disregarding due to non-existent search volume figures could actually represent great opportunities.

If that deterrent is not existent, I’m not sure what will cause a nursing home to do better.

With non-existent content quality oversight, indexable filtering and no canonicals, the total number of landing pages could not be precisely gauged — a conservative estimate at the time was about 1 billion landing pages.

He also states that the Audiencia is virtually non-existent, and so there is no high court in which justice may be sought.

Spring Hill takes its name from a spring now non-existent, but which was once a favourite with the cottagers who lived near to it.

I only know that there are amongst us, rare instances fortunately, but existent nevertheless—men with the souls of beasts.

Railroad tracks and bridges had been demolished; transportation facilities in some areas were almost non-existent.

If we descend to the lowest existing savages, however, it is to find this agency almost non-existent.