Immediate [adjective]

Definition of Immediate:

instantaneous; without delay

Synonyms of Immediate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Immediate:

Sentence/Example of Immediate:

Still, the family maintains that immediate medical attention should have been provided.

Asked Wednesday why that is the case, Biden replied, “I’ve been out of office for four years,” arguing that voters do not have an immediate sense of the progress the Obama administration made.

Three in five voters in Wisconsin express worries that they or someone in their immediate family might contract the coronavirus, with about a quarter overall saying they are very worried.

There was an immediate need to know where their employees are.

The reprieve takes some of the immediate heat off, but change is coming and a lot of businesses aren’t prepared.

The measures that passed this year were either noncontroversial or so diluted as to have little if any immediate impact.

People are realizing it’s not just about their immediate workplaces but also their impacts on local communities or global communities.

In this case, people appear to have changed how they responded to an event with immediate, dangerous consequences.

The issue was caused by a coding error and does not represent any immediate plans to roll out a new ad product, according to Facebook, which said it was limited to iOS devices.

This vision is made more compelling by the solarpunk movement’s continuous call to immediate action.