Distant [adjective]

Definition of Distant:


Opposite/Antonyms of Distant:

Sentence/Example of Distant:

In winter you traipse around the park feeling like an ant traversing the tundra, spying distant sculptures that get no more interesting — only bigger, more intimidating — as you approach.

Though the scene made me uneasy, a distant ripping noise, like a doll being ripped limb from limb, terrified me.

While he’s only a stock tick or two away from being the richest person in the world, during his tenure Amazon’s stock market results come in a distant second to Monster Beverage, the energy drink maker.

A new breakthrough in the ability to connect distant qubits could show a way forward.

A distant downpour sends out a staccato riff that can be heard for miles, even as fish and marine invertebrates snap out a syncopated rhythm designed to scare off predators or attract mates.

Smith also says that HalfSmoke may host outdoor, socially distant events to support Capital Pride during Pride season.

The view from that spot to the distant sea below is a fitting way to end an art journey that starts in Provence with the revolutionary work of Van Gogh and Cézanne.

Call this one the Super-ish Bowl, a scaled-down and socially distant version of our grandest sporting event.

Improved sensitivity at existing Earth-based detectors will turn up the volume on gravitational waves, allowing detections from less energetic and more distant sources.

In many ways, as he was in real life, Ailey presents a man that was almost distant from the world he helped create.