Removed [adjective]

Definition of Removed:

taken out

Synonyms of Removed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Removed:

Sentence/Example of Removed:

He began to rebuild the palace and ordered that the rubbish be removed from the temples.

That exclamation, of course, removed the supposition entirely.

Andy glanced swiftly about the room and saw that the other bunks had been removed.

He removed from his lips the short corn-cob pipe he was smoking.

We have not conquered these fears of pain—rather their cause has been removed.

The weight on my mind was removed, and I felt happy and thankful.

They may have been removed there from the abbey for safety at the time of the dissolution.

And then, when the cover was removed, came the time of trial to your correspondent.

Fig. 23 shows a ham from which the rind has not been removed.

It was possible, then, that it were wiser the girl should be removed.