Detached [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Detached:

It’s a detached, spiky little adolescent love story about two 15-year-olds, Sarah and David.

During this timeframe, multiple offers were prevalent for homes of many shapes and sizes—from the attached townhouse downtown to the detached single-family home in the suburbs.

Just as most amputees report what’s known as “phantom limb,” the feeling that their detached appendage is still there, surviving spouses frequently report seeing or sensing their departed partner.

You live in a semi-detached colonial with a gabled porch in a neighborhood of lawyers and professors.

Nonetheless, Vulture’s deep dive into Quibi is worth reading to get a sense of just how detached Katzenberg and Quibi CEO Meg Whitman seem to be from their target audience.

She stabbed him, noting the effect upon him with a detached interest that seemed indifferent to his pain.

With each division, in addition to the divisional staff, there were officers detached from the headquarters staff.

Only at moments was he aware of this—a kind of higher Self, detached from shifting moods, looked on calmly and took note.

Ten paces along Bond Street he encountered a small, stooping figure which became detached from the shadows of a shop door.

To add further to his difficulties, d'Erlon's corps was detached from his command without his knowledge.