Merged [verb]

Definition of Merged:

bring or come together

Opposite/Antonyms of Merged:

Sentence/Example of Merged:

Then at length followed a pause which merged itself gently into eternity.

On Sundays we often merged "Church and Chapel" in a common service.

He turned the car down a well-lighted avenue that merged into a highway.

She knew the human soul will be merged, if it be merged at all, with the stars and the sea.

Miss Avery crossed the lawn and merged into the hedge that divided it from the farm.

The merged, terrific combat lasted but moments; could last but moments.

And now there would be no present, no past, no future—but all merged into one and he was the only one.

Ike turned to her again, and his anger had merged into a comical look of chagrin.

All his faculties were merged into one consuming desire for water—water.

At last they merged, the tiny white dot and the little gray minnow.