Interested [adjective]

Definition of Interested:

concerned, curious

Opposite/Antonyms of Interested:

Sentence/Example of Interested:

Because it’s voluntary, funders can spend a lot of money that has virtually no impact—it’s not what’s needed but what they’re interested in.

You can look at Google Trends as a mirror to show you what people are interested in at this moment.

There are students on both campuses who were interested in this project because they thought they were living in a bubble.

Maybe you’re really interested in the person you’re talking to — or at least you want to signal that you’re interested.

Two months after Benvenuto’s proposal in 2019, the Housing Commission issued a request for proposals that said interested consultants should be prepared to kick off the study in fall 2019.

The reason for their investments is the same reason Breakthrough Energy Ventures became interested in the young company.

Wanting friends to love coding, tooWhen Samaira told her friends about her love of coding and encouraged them to try it, they weren’t interested.

He then asked to go up with her into her apartment because the company was considering leasing office space, and he was interested in seeing the building.

Publishers, like Bustle Digital Group, are now priming their newsletter strategies to win a space in readers’ inboxes while subsequently monetizing that position with interested advertisers.

More drama than science, Gunderson manages to keep the viewer interested in both sickness and the man.