Involved [adjective]

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So if we would just highlight them and spotlight them, I think it would kind of help the next generation to kind of get more involved or just wanting to coach.

Having Bezos more involved in the day-to-day could be a big asset in securing those customers and inking contracts that really put the company on the map.

His mom used it as an opportunity to teach him about smart investing and recognizing the real value of companies, and she now plans to get him involved with their investment accounts, controlled by her, to learn even more.

The company’s finance chief, Brian Olsavsky, said Bezos will remain “very involved” even after he moves into his new role.

Many involved scam artists posting false or misleading information on websites in a bid to drive up the price of selected stocks.

Most of the individuals identified by the news organizations became involved with the movement after leaving the military.

Keep in mind that Apple, which makes the second-most-used browser, is not really involved in this Google-led Privacy Sandbox effort.

It also calls into question whether its time for Congress and the Federal Communications Commission to get more involved about minimum standards for Internet service, she said.

The struggle is that it’s difficult to get all the involved parties moving forward together.

In recent years, Maria has gotten involved in the justice movement for her industry.