Intricate [adjective]

Definition of Intricate:

complicated, elaborate

Synonyms of Intricate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intricate:

Sentence/Example of Intricate:

Montalto recalls the Naples of her youth with intricate paintings that often include a volcano.

The natural consequence of a young quarterback’s growth is that teams throw ever more intricate schemes at him, disguises and unscouted looks.

You can also keep it basic by using one color and the simplest stitches in the book, or you can build on it—add different cables, intricate stitches, or a jacquard pattern to make all your senatorial-meme fantasies come true.

While the women’s version has a more intricate design and color options, the men’s version is available in neutrals.

Many cordless trimmers will carry at least one hour of power on a single charge, so unless you’re doing something particularly intricate, you should make it out without extra whiskers holding on.

An autonomous, living brain-spinal cord-muscle entity is an invaluable model for figuring out how our own brains direct the intricate muscle movements that allow us stay upright, walk, or type on a keyboard.

In 1841, the English biologist Richard Owen marveled at the intricate skeleton of a new sea sponge species found near the Philippines.

Whether you build your map from scratch or start with a template, you can let your imagination run wild and create intricate worlds for your friends to roam.

For the most part, their initiatives are flying under the radar, driven by an intricate grassroots door-knocking network with a nuanced message.

The unique and often wildly intricate shape of a protein is critical to its function.