Perplexing [adjective]

Definition of Perplexing:

difficult to understand

Synonyms of Perplexing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perplexing:

Sentence/Example of Perplexing:

He seemed as if he had got something upon his mind which was perplexing him.

Of course, he was going, but the perplexing thing was, what to do with that other ticket.

Oh, what a torturing, doubt-raising, perplexing thing this Love was!

Here is no path, I said, and the wood is dark and perplexing; still we must push on.

The latest pronouncement, however, was for the moment the most perplexing.

I own that the instance of that boy of Dalhem is perplexing.

Still, the mystery of this remarkable book is as perplexing as ever.

It is a perplexing reflection that there is no absolute moral standard.

There was an inconsistency in it all that was perplexing, but not so perplexing as to spoil the pleasure of it.

What perplexing self-contradiction it all seemed to me as I looked around!