Paradoxical [adjective]

Definition of Paradoxical:


Opposite/Antonyms of Paradoxical:

Sentence/Example of Paradoxical:

The reason starts at it, but all religion is paradoxical to reason.

The form of the argument may be paradoxical; the substance is an appeal to the higher reason.

A tendency to a paradoxical manner of statement is also observable.

Our own experiences of our own day show that these are no paradoxical speculations.

His Unity was steadily disintegrating into a paradoxical Trinity.

The meaning of this paradoxical situation is not easy to clarify.

The writing is at times too paradoxical, leading to obscurity of thought.

She will have the more left, paradoxical as the assertion may at first seem.

Which was half a truth and perfectly true, paradoxical as it may seem.

How paradoxical was this dual rôle, how alluring and how ridiculous!