Contradictory [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Contradictory:

As I was reading On Inhumanity, I was wondering how much Smith’s commitment to contradictory beliefs matters.

On Conflicting Beliefs and Seeing People as MonstersAccording to Smith, the typical advocate of dehumanizing rhetoric has two contradictory beliefs.

On this approach to belief, contradictory belief is impossible.

Data on how much infectious virus is present in the noses of asymptomatic people are contradictory, Kilpatrick says.

By men the laws of a nation may be altered without being made contradictory to one another, or to oppose the law of God.

He was preserved from the fantastic by another gift which seems contradictory to the first.

A word on the contradictory education which we bestow upon our daughters.

But how are we to reconcile improbable facts related in a contradictory manner?

How, said they, could they assist by their presence at public prayers which were utterly contradictory to their private ones?

You have seen, Madam, in my preceding letter, the incompatible and contradictory ideas which this religion gives us of the Deity.