Antipodal [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Antipodal:

In contradiction to, in wholly antipodal distinction from, Henry James, de Gourmont was an artist of the nude.

Mr. Morgan, the millionaire banker, attends church conventions as an antipodal diversion.

And the same trait that was apparent sociologically has been exposed in this our antipodal phase of psychical research.

In its broadest statement, the psychology of tipping presents the two antipodal qualities of pride and pusillanimity.

"The two governors are very different men—wholly antipodal characters, in fact," and again Habersham smiled to himself.

Among all these tales none was more remarkable than those which told of strange living creatures found in antipodal lands.

In nature you find always two extremes, that seem to stand in antipodal relations to each other.

But it would be foolish to overlook the existence of powerful influences operating in an antipodal direction.

In this fashion Marshall again states those antipodal philosophies from which sprang the first two American political parties.

The Empyrean and Hell alone remain, as the antipodal extremes of the former universe.