Counter [adjective]

Definition of Counter:

opposite, opposing

Synonyms of Counter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Counter:

Sentence/Example of Counter:

Officials countered the claim, saying they tended to Taylor as soon as they could, though they didn’t initially know she was injured since everything happened in the dark.

There are, of course, counter-arguments to what Robinson is saying here.

Ernie Herrman, TJX chief Retailers are also planning online promotions early in the season in an attempt to counter Amazon’s Prime Day, which is usually held in July but has been pushed back until the fourth quarter this year.

What we have, I learn, is a late-season, last-minute, over-the-counter, nonresident, archery-only antlered-deer tag on public land.

Reinoehl had described himself in a social media posts as "100% ANTIFA" and suggested the tactics of counter-protesters amounted to "warfare," per the AP.

He is urging his supporters to do counter protests and they arrive with guns, even AK47s.

In an effort to counter those disparities, government officials are now grappling with whether to make race an explicit feature of plans to distribute a potential vaccine.

That said, the Blake family is holding firm with some deft counter-programming timed for the president’s visit.

The counter-consultants wager the Met wouldn’t allow rates to rise that high that quickly because it’d lose customers.

In addition to being our local snake-counter, Mara is Sant’Ippolito’s unofficial historian.