Concurring [verb]

Definition of Concurring:

agree, approve

Synonyms of Concurring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concurring:

Sentence/Example of Concurring:

Although there is a wide range in the quality of the bitumen and the efficiency of the extraction technologies, most analyses concur that oilsands production is quite a bit more energy intensive than lighter, more conventional crudes.

President Hartzell and the chair of our Board of Regents, Kevin Eltife, concur with this recommendation and have approved the change.

Metro Inspector General Geoffrey Cherrington said Friday he “concurred” with Metro’s statements assessing the findings of his investigation.

And the concurring demands of a number also contribute to raise our prices.

In the first part of the address, I have the honor of heartily concurring with the noble Earl who moved it.

We shall return to town on Monday, various small reasons concurring to make us resolve on quitting this earthly paradise.

At this point the Commission divided, with no fewer than two concurring and two dissenting opinions added to the majority view.

Comprehending vividly the points and the sequence of his argument, we fancy that we are concurring in the argument itself.

He took great pleasure in concurring with Mr. Canning upon this point.

The question on concurring with the committee in striking out this section was decided in the affirmative—yeas 49, nays 43.