Cooperate [verb]

Definition of Cooperate:

aid, assist

Opposite/Antonyms of Cooperate:

Sentence/Example of Cooperate:

Morocco, for example, has a worsening human rights record but a lengthy history of cooperating with Israel and the West on security, as well as a genuine terrorism problem, so a sale was reportedly approved.

Confidence is needed if people are going to cooperate with county contact tracers — the people who help track the spread of the virus by interviewing the sick and figuring out where they’ve gone.

Other mistakes included not cooperating with Mexico soon enough, and not distributing vaccines strategically to areas or populations deemed more essential.

I see the challenges and threat pretty clearly, but I also am willing to work towards areas where it’s in our interest to cooperate.

Knowing where each type tends to live on the tongue could help researchers learn how the microbes cooperate.

That means they must have a governor, to cooperate with the military garrison.

But this service cannot be made what it should be made if the Government does not cooperate in this policy of needed publicity.

This will be much simpler, and will have much less injurious effect on your mind if you cooperate with us.

After everything that's happened in the past two weeks, it wouldn't kill you to cooperate with us.

Her military part was to send 120,000 troops across the Channel to cooperate with the French army against the Germans.