Further [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Further:

Off went the officers again, some distance to the front, and then back again to their men, and got them on a little further.

The improvement of transport still further swelled the volume of production.

Harry had no further adventures in reaching Fulton, and at once reported to Captain Duffield, who was in command of the post.

He, therefore, did as he said; made no further observation, but conducted himself to his young friend with grave distance.

As the next verse is the last you needn't trouble yourself to make any further observations.

It is a further refinement when the staunch little lover of liberty sets about "easing" the pressure of commands.

Further enlightenment (as with men) comes through grace as soon as they become beati through turning to good.

This, however, should not be accepted as proving the presence of bile without further tests.

The startled operators at Umballa could obtain no further intelligence and the boy was slain at his post.

He need not stop further study, but whatever else he learns let him at least practise this daily recital for one month.