Other [adjective]

Definition of Other:

additional, added

Synonyms of Other:

Opposite/Antonyms of Other:

Sentence/Example of Other:

His name was Lefty something-or-other, and he was about the sneakiest stool the department had.

Rodney is thoroughly and comfortably this-worldly; Michael is—other-worldly!

In conclusion, we must consider an offshoot of other-world ideas—the belief in the transmigration of souls.

As a matter of fact, the retributive idea is far from being implicated with other-world hopes.

Intellectualism may not always be so clearly other-worldly as Plato shows himself to be in this passage.

Though this was fair, and that was something else, and a third was so-and-so, yet none of them was Mary Something-or-other.

Her mother had lived abroad for the past five years, and was now the Princess Somebody-or-other.

One big mottled arm shot out and caught Toad by a fore-leg, while the other-gripped him fast by a hind-leg.

Verny, you know when you told me to salt something-or-other, I thought you meant chowder; so I put in as much as I felt it needed.

How could he accept something-or-other from such a churl accompanied by a threat?