Alternative [adjective]

Definition of Alternative:

other, alternate

Synonyms of Alternative:

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Sentence/Example of Alternative:

Similarly, representatives from Quaker tell Eater that rice cakes were first launched as “a low-carb alternative to bread” in the mid-’80s.

If you’re looking for something to help you get healthier and more active, or just an alternative to your current workout routine, look for tiktoks with specific instructions.

The technology essentially combines the performance benefits of the diesel engine design with the low costs and the low emissions associated with these alternative fuels, co-founder and CEO BJ Johnson said in a recent interview with TechCrunch.

There are, today, a large number of groups that continue to spread misleading health information or push users to try alternative or untested cures.

The coronavirus pandemic is set to change the way millions of Americans can vote in November, as states expand access to mail-in voting as a safer alternative to in-person voting.

It’s hard to imagine that the Mnuchin alternative, as described by the Journal, will find favor in Beijing.

Since then, the website has shut down and now simply provides links to alternative websites offering information on the QAnon conspiracy.

Other members, including China, signed up for the alternative scheme in January.

“Arm customers may try to find alternatives to Arm for the longer term,” the source told the news service.

They became used to alternative ways of sending money internationally, including cryptocurrency precursors such as e-gold, even for mundane uses like eBay purchases.