Different [adjective]

Definition of Different:

dissimilar, unlike

Opposite/Antonyms of Different:

Sentence/Example of Different:

Apart from reaching your potential customers, you can display ads in a variety of formats and multiply the outcomes from different angles using these advanced ad channels.

That’s gone and will always be gone no matter how many times I watch a replay or different variation of that replay.

That’s when Washington won its third Super Bowl under Joe Gibbs, doing so with a different quarterback each time.

It’s a whole different game from high school, and then you’re just making that jump.

That doesn’t diminish their suffering — everyone is struggling in a different way — but Bufka encourages them to try to look at all they have.

Respirators come in different styles and sizes, and whether you fit in a particular model can change over time.

However different, however divided, each American president and each American era over eight and a half decades was a coherent and sequential chapter to the one that came before.

Mahomes uses a different kind of competitive math than any other quarterback.

It kind of helped me get through a lot of the different emotions and feelings that I was having, and also it reminded me of why I fell in love with music.

It’s not just about who gets in, it’s also about what they pay, and having good grades and having good scores may make it possible for you to go to a different set of schools at a lower price than might be the case otherwise.