Clashing [noun]

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The shared responsibility also means that certain decisions can’t be made by either Powell or Mnuchin alone, setting the stage for the surprisingly outward-facing clash.

The result has been a clash of realities, one of many over the past four years.

It seems like Philadelphia created a clash, it seems, and was looking for a fight, and brought that serious controversy all the way to the Supreme Court.

Businesses have been boarded up in multiple cities in anticipation of street clashes.

Those protests resulted in clashes with police, broken windows and damaged police cars.

The call comes as violent clashes over masks continue in places that already have face-covering requirements.

In many cases, the clashes stem from disagreements over what qualifies as harmful content.

If the election is contested, it’s not hard to imagine street clashes, given the sporadic violence we’ve seen this year already — and the growing number of Americans who are heavily armed.

Although clashes over the future of Native mascots are likely happening at schools in every state, top-level guidance has been minimal.

Still, those more recent clashes only resulted in a little more than a dozen arrests combined at events that drew much smaller crowds, according to SDPD officials.