Opposition [noun]

Definition of Opposition:

obstruction, antagonism

Opposite/Antonyms of Opposition:

Sentence/Example of Opposition:

It was incumbent upon Mr. Gladstone to lead the opposition to this motion.

The Opposition was such as could no longer impede the operations of the next session.

The strength and the eloquence were on the side of the opposition, but the votes were for the Government.

But various interests were antagonized, and opposition was aroused.

The policy of the opposition was coercion, while that of the government was autonomy.

Concessions were made, but they failed to reconcile the opposition.

The opposition spoke of the measure as a "Bradlaugh Relief Bill."

The grounds were in excellent condition, and the opposition boys were at their best.

That he should marry her notwithstanding our opposition, and without the consent of his father?

Instead of this, it was the aim of our diplomacy to dissipate the opposition.