Negativism [noun]

Definition of Negativism:

bad attitude

Synonyms of Negativism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Negativism:


Sentence/Example of Negativism:

This is an admission that negativism is of the nature of resistance.

The next of the cardinal symptoms to be considered is negativism.

The latter seems to indicate some connection between her negativism and death.

Negativism is a state, he says, of perseverated muscular tension.

A tendency opposite to the inactivity is seen in negativism.

He is certainly wrong in denying "negativism" to his anergic type.

Negativism and catalepsy are never well developed except in stupor.

Once admit this, and the primary importance of ambivalency disappears so far as negativism is concerned.

It follows that the theory of negativism coincides with the theory of the complex, as the complex is the cause of the resistance.

With the exception of negativism, which appears only in the anamnesis, all the cardinal stupor symptoms are found in this history.