Hopelessness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hopelessness:

Psychologist Lauren Alloy’s decades-long research at Temple University has shown that hopelessness is a strong contributor to worsening depression.

And so step by step the devil thrust him into desperation, and strove thereby to clinch the hopelessness of his estate.

It was one of the questions which arise out of great abysses from men who in their hopelessness still long for heaven.

Barrington's anger was quickly absorbed in the realization of the utter hopelessness of his position.

And as if in answer to their thoughts, the operator straightened, with a little gesture of hopelessness.

One listening could well believe the hopelessness of trying to make one of these girls marry against her will.

"Oh, I'd forgotten that," Bristow said in a tone indicating his hopelessness of finding anything worth while.

Even Dafydd Dafis saw the hopelessness of it, and once more went about with his head bowed like a head of corn heavy with rain.

Less fleet of foot than they, it took but a few seconds to show him the hopelessness of the task.

There would be open upon his face a look of hopelessness, as if he dwelt on something that fascinated and baffled him.