Misery [noun]

Definition of Misery:

pain, mental or physical

Synonyms of Misery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misery:

Sentence/Example of Misery:

And let it be considered, what misery to me, Madam, if I marry that hated Solmes!

And what I overheard in the armoury--about a telegram--telling me--putting me out of my misery?

But she had not so much share in her own cheerfulness as her poor aunts had in their misery.

In the selfishness of his misery he looked upon this as lack of sympathy with himself.

Now, she was sunken in an apathy that saved her from the worst pangs of misery.

Out of that fact, he drew an immediate comfort in this period of his misery.

When Shakespeare's mistress had her will, did she fall to misery, I wonder?

Garson was thinking of Mary, and, with the thought, into his misery crept a little comfort.

Misery implied affection, and her love for Palmer was quite dead.

The breaking of the marriage covenant is followed by shame and misery.