Despair [noun]

Definition of Despair:

depression, hopelessness

Synonyms of Despair:

Opposite/Antonyms of Despair:

Sentence/Example of Despair:

The concertina wire marking the edge of his homeland triggers Vanishvili’s border cells to fire every time he sees it, and in turn, that firing may trigger the despair associated with that place.

In the first movement of his Fifth Symphony, Beethoven set up a battle between hope and despair.

It’s my job, I’ve begun to think, to make sure that people in this “climate generation” don’t get swallowed up in an ocean of despair.

This discrepancy can create a feeling of despair when it comes to online reputation management, but this only means that you need to become more proactive about getting reviews from your customers.

America enters the final months of the 2020 campaign in a state of despair and disrepair.

Davy read this over two or three times, in the greatest perplexity, and then gave it up in despair.

Prud'hon, in humiliation and despair, lived in a solitude almost complete.

The falling dew, and the howling wind raised him not from that bed of lonely despair.

But the '34 port was so good that he revoked twice, to the indignation and despair of his unhappy brother and partner.

As they got lower and lower down the hill, her wretchedness and disquiet became acute, to the point of a wild despair.