Hopefulness [noun]

Definition of Hopefulness:

state of having positive beliefs

Opposite/Antonyms of Hopefulness:

Sentence/Example of Hopefulness:

I’m always hopeful for the future because the work we do is important.

Torrance and her Utah colleagues are still hopeful that another cycle of “covid-19 payback” won’t be needed in the future.

The ending they find together feels hopeful, happy and written in the .

Beth Bell, a member of the immunization committee who also chairs the panel’s covid-19 vaccines work group, said she was hopeful Americans would start having more-normal lives next summer or fall.

Chase Elliott cruised to a NASCAR Cup Series championship Sunday at Phoenix Raceway, topping the other three hopefuls — Brad Keselowski, Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin — who were left in the circuit’s postseason chase.

I find it an incredibly hopeful ending when the audience chooses to abolish.

This is the most prolonged movement I have seen in my career, so I’m extremely hopeful that there will be an appropriate response by lawmakers to the demand of defunding.

In the longer term, he’s hopeful that new graduates of dental care programs will fill those gaps.

From a financial perspective, Quibi had reason to be hopeful.

She had said on MSNBC that she was hopeful they could resolve the “appropriations piece.”