Elation [noun]

Definition of Elation:

extreme happiness

Synonyms of Elation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elation:

Sentence/Example of Elation:

I’m not talking about the elation of watching a child hook and fight their first fish only for the moment to end in tears after the fish gets away.

As I reread them, I remembered the elation, the fear, the disbelief, the hope that had accompanied each letter.

My discomfort gave way to elation as I was briefly transported back to those vanished years of racing on forest trails in early September.

As he followed him on uptown, down his side-street, Lamb had a curious sense of elation.

Perhaps, as men get older, the effervescent elation of youth leaves them; but they are none the less happy.

There was no elation, but on the contrary he seemed weighed down with a sense of the responsibility resting on him.

She obeyed and he left them, the feeling of victory and elation coming to him in full then.

But there was no feeling of victory, none of the elation he had thought he would have.

He picked them up and his elation drained away as he looked at them.

Her mind was in a ferment of elation and doubt, of trepidation and joyful anticipation.