Transport [noun]

Definition of Transport:

move, transfer

Synonyms of Transport:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transport:

Sentence/Example of Transport:

He also procured a couple of mules to transport his baggage.

Indents had to be made out for transport, rations and ammunition.

It was a morning of unequalled delight approaching to transport.

Provision had, therefore, to be made for the requisite means of transport.

It's about the only way we could transport it, as the trails are too narrow for a wagon.

Manifestly it is impossible for him to transport the entire sum of his worldly effects.

It is proposed to transport passengers by means of the pneumatic tunnel.

Their gunboat Marmaris was sunk, and the transport Masul captured.

Then she, with both hands, raised his face to her lips in a transport of passion.

Then without a word, in a transport as it were, he tried to seize hold of her and press her in his arms.