Carrier [noun]

Definition of Carrier:

one who carries or transmits something

Synonyms of Carrier:

Opposite/Antonyms of Carrier:

Sentence/Example of Carrier:

The announcement comes as the carrier successfully completed a test with Corning to deploy a private 5G network inside a laboratory.

Though Verizon is the largest wireless carrier overall, with 116 million regular monthly subscribers, it has only 4 million prepaid customers.

That would have meant widespread testing to identify those who had caught the virus, quarantining and tracing the contacts of both symptomatic and asymptomatic carriers who could spread the disease to the most vulnerable.

In more than a half-dozen cases, the carriers persuaded a judge to throw out the lawsuit, in part because the court agreed that a property insurance policy can’t be invoked if there is no property damage.

Your lender will need the name and contact information of your insurance carrier before completing your loan.

The updates now state that music and video subscriptions, with Apple’s approval, can be bundled into carriers’ data plans and offered in cellular carrier apps.

The carrier is also offering laptops and tablets at cost, or in some cases free, through partnerships with hardware makers like Apple.

In an ideal world, if testing were abundant and cheap and results were fast, we would test everyone daily and catch all of the asymptomatic carriers.

Currently, Royal Jordanian and Turkish Airlines are the only carriers in the Middle East that fly to Israel.

United Airlines will eliminate its $200 fee to change domestic tickets effective immediately, scrapping a perennial source of customer anger as carriers try to coax people back on planes.