Conveying [verb]

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Literally anywhere else would have conveyed more legitimacy on the enterprise, but legitimacy did not seem a high priority for one of the last battles of a lost war.

“They’re making a decision knowing that it can’t be wrong, and it also needs to convey some kind of context or forward look so that it’s relevant the next morning,” she said.

A brand that considers inclusion in advertising strives to provide authentic connection, demonstrate open-mindedness and convey equity.

Wormholes crop up because they are the only language the path integral can use to convey that space is breaking down.

They even stayed on the phone as victims drove around buying MoneyPak cards or gift cards to convey the cash, he said.

He could also convey a range of emotions within the deceptively simple language contained in just one paragraph.

Regular press conferences show Ardern doesn’t pull her punches when delivering bad news, but she balances this with explaining why government directives matter and conveying empathy for their disruptive effects.

This data can be used by foreign actors to attempt to convey misinformation.

Steinberg, who agrees with the statistical view of the situation, argues that a single tunneled particle can’t convey information.

They’re definitely going the extra mile in terms of wanting to clearly understand what kind of message the campaign was trying to convey.